Birth, and postpartum Doula support for your growing family

On-call Nanny services


Serving Los Angeles and the greater San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita Valleys.

You're Covered

I specialize in supporting parents who work jobs with nontraditional schedules, in film and television production, music and other creative work.

If you work something other than a traditional 9-5, you're covered, with flexible scheduling, on-call nanny services,  and birth planning sessions that easily fit your schedule and your location. 

Overnight and travel support are  available for established clients.


No Matter What

Every family deserves sensitive, unbiased care with respect for their choices. 

I serve traditional, single parent, teen, LGBT, adoptive, surrogate, poly and other blended families. My aim is to help you define and achieve the supported birth you want, within your unique family context. 

As a full spectrum doula, I offer the doula model of judgment-free care and support for all possible pregnancy outcomes.


For my first pregnancy I knew I wanted to have a doula. I was so stressed out worrying about every little thing..... Rain was my saving grace. She was so patient and responsive to all of my questions. She had so much knowledge on everything I asked her.... Rain was a breath of fresh air. Which is much needed for a first time mom with high anxiety.