Birth Support

Whether you choose to birth at home, a birth center or in a hospital, you deserve warm, empathetic, and attuned support from someone who is as committed to your positive birth experience as you are.  I only book one birth client per calendar month so that I can focus more fully on your needs and ensure my availability.

Each birth package includes: 

  • An initial consultation and 1-2 prenatal sessions.

  • Continuous labor support at your home and/or the hospital or birthing center.

  • Comfort care following the birth of your baby and a follow up postpartum visit in your home.

  • Phone, email and text support, from when your contract is signed until 12 weeks postpartum.

Let's schedule your complimentary consultation.



I offer payment options as well as a sliding scale rate down to $1000 as needed, please inquire if you need some flexibility in making doula support work for you.

Postpartum Support

With postpartum doula support, you get practical, hands-on help and emotional support while you recover from birth and adjust to your life with a new baby; always with total respect and support for your parenting choices, whatever those may be. I only work with two postpartum families each month, to maximize my availability and your convenience, and to more fully focus on your unique family and needs. Priority scheduling is given to families who have just given birth, up to six weeks.

  • Help with newborn care while you and your baby learn each other's unique communication style, and rhythms.

  • Feeding and sleep support.

  • Meal and snack preparation.

  • I do dishes and baby laundry.


$25-$35 HR

Contact me to schedule a free consultation! A la carte scheduling is available, as well as special package rates. 

On-Call Childcare and nanny Services

If you work from home, or if you are freelancing, you might not need a full time nanny.  Once you're established as my client, you can just give me a call when things get busy and I’ll fit you in. When work slows down again and you don't need me as often, that’s fine.

Even if I'm not with them every day, my relationship with your child is important to me. I'm fully committed to their emotional and physical well being and to providing consistently gentle, child-centered care when we're together. I  respect your parenting choices and routines and will work with you to best serve your child's unique developmental stage and needs. 

  • Flexible scheduling and no weekly minimum for hours. If you need me one day, two days, half a day or no days in a given week, that's fine!

  • On-call support. If your schedule is a little up in the air but you think you might need childcare, you can reserve ahead of time for a small retainer. If you need me, the time is yours, and the retainer is applied to my hourly rate for that day.

  • A daily diary of what your child has been doing while in my care, with pictures.

hourly rate: $15/hr

on-call retainer: $30 per 4 hour block